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The Programme will launch in the Autumn of 2012 - return regularly for the latest details or click here to register.

Welcome to Run for Health

Run For Health provides a motivational environment where participants can gain significant weight loss, build endurance fitness, reduce heart disease risk factors and reduce stress. Run for Health helps to provide a positive lifestyle modification through which the unfit and overweight of any age can exercise without feeling self-conscious.

Starting with a simple programme of walking and progressing to running the participant is guided to a new lifestyle of health and fitness which is designed to improve the wellbeing of all participants. The Programme based on the latest findings and exercise research is continually being updated to provide the latest and most up-to-date exercises and exercise prescription for each participant, thereby contributing to an improvement in self image and lifestyle.

Continous monitoring of participants is carried out to ensure safe improvement and assessment of fitness. This monitoring helps in the detection of the "at risk" participants, prevention of injuries, providing  advice, and maintaining motivation to exercise. 

This programme is due to start in the Autumn of 2012, to register your interest and to find out more details please complete the enquiry form here